The world's first family diving system

The step between snorkeling and SCUBA. Experience open water from the 1st day! A complete system for 2-3 divers, portable & easy to use.

For friends, partners, or kids!


Developed and designed in Austria.

Patent pending.

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The new system allows you a new method to learn diving

You don't learn skiing in a school and jump right into the black slopes.

You don't learn biking in a gym and jump right into urban city streets.


Blue ski slopes and parks give kids the ability to have fun while

building up the experience, technique and comfort they'll need

later on.


Snorkel Dive Innovations is bringing this to SCUBA diving! It's not

intended to replace formal SCUBA diving training or the Junior Open

Water certifications, but it's intended to learn diving in a  safe  and

comfortable  way.


 Guaranteed fun for the whole family!




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Illustrations by Tim Jost

Learn how to dive in 3 steps

For different ages and experience levels - Support your child's comfort and capabilities

 - Patent pending -

Illustrations by Tim Jost

Our mission:

Diving memories for the entire family

It's our goal to develop, manufacture and market innovative  products that make

the underwater world a safe, engaging  and easy  to learn experience for the whole family.

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