The world's first family diving system with variable depth limits!



SnorkelDive Innovations proudly presents:

STEPDive - The step between snorkeling and SCUBA. Experience open water from the 1st day!

A complete system for 2-3 divers, portable & easy to use.

For friends, partners, or kids!


Developed and designed in Austria.

Patent pending.


all in one system for 2 or 3 divers

deflates to compact carry size to take to your favorite dive destination!

STEPDive allows you a new way to teach or learn diving


Rather than learning everything at once, and having to manage everything at once on the first open water dives, STEPDive allows dive schools to split the learnings into 3-4 smaller courses with time in between to build experience 


There's a lot to learn for SCUBA diving: getting comfortable underwater, learning safety, technique, equipment, and physics.  Often it seems too much, and in addition, there is often just a limited amount of time to practice in a pool.   As a result, the first open water dives can be quite risky and uncomfortable, with divers experiencing difficulties with buoyancy, air management, time, or depth control.


SnorkelDive Innovations presents a better, more comfortable, and safer experience to learn the same techniques.  


By separating the complex equipment from the diver, and providing a variable shallow depth limiter to the beginner diver, dive schools can focus first on the critical elements: comfort underwater, safety, and experience.  


With STEPDive, dive schools can teach 3 training levels before  a regular (Junior) Open Water course.  In between, the students can build up experience and proficiency by privately using or renting the system.  

They will be safer and more comfortable before progressing to each successive course / level!


Divers of different levels can dive together, and explore the underwater world.


 Guaranteed fun for the whole family!




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Illustrations by Tim Jost

Learn how to dive in 3 steps

For different ages and experience levels - Support your child's comfort and capabilities

 - Patent pending -

Illustrations by Tim Jost

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